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Taste and Feel the Difference

In today’s fast-paced world of processed foods, bringing home fresh and wholesome nutrition can be a challenge. Fresh Essentials is all about changing that. By preserving fresh produce through all-natural freeze-drying methods, we bring the full flavor and nutritional value of fresh food into the modern world. Unlike other preservation methods, ours uses no chemical preservatives while providing the fresh taste of fruit, honey, and more to your family year long.

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Food To Be Proud Of

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Wasting Less Food

By using state of the art methods of natural food preservation, we're doing our part to reduce food waste and create a more sustainable food system. Learn more about how Fresh Essentials is working to put an end to food waste.

Supporting American Workers

Fresh Essentials is an American company based in Orem, Utah. We're proud to work with American growers, manufacturers, and distributors to support our food industry and American workers at all steps of the supply chain.

Following Nature's Lead

We care about providing all-natural fruits and vegetables grown the way nature intended. That's why we work with growers who provide the non-GMO fruits and vegetables that make our products naturally delicious.

"Bee" Part of Something Big

The same cutting edge, natural preservation methods that let us bring delicious, nutritious food to your table also help the planet by improving on the way we produce and think about all-natural, whole ingredients. Fresh Essentials is dedicated to reducing food waste and saving bee populations worldwide. Learn how naturally preserved food helps preserve the natural world we love.

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