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About Us

Fresh Essentials brings the finest in all natural and healthy snacks, soups, meals, honey and protein powders from the farm to your family in new ways that make sense in today’s fast-paced and busy world. And we do it naturally and innovatively, while reducing waste, both before and after it arrives in your home.

All Natural

Fresh Essentials is bringing back our favorite natural foods in ways that preserve their flavors, nutrition and freshness. And all without chemicals, heat, or genetic modifications.


Fresh Essentials is all about growers, packagers and distributors teaming-up and embracing innovations in harvesting, processing and preserving, through combinations of traditional preservative methods and modern stabilization techniques.

No Waste

All this, and with less waste, both before and after they leave the store.
This is why Fresh Essentials is good news for the environment, the economy, and people who love to eat good, fresh and healthy foods.