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Gambe Group

Gambe GroupGambe Group


Gambe Group (China) is a certified Authorized dealer of Fresh Essentials.

Legally established registered corporation with Import and Export License in China with presence in US, South America and Asia allow us to be closer to you and offer you a safety platform for your business.

Our Team conformed by Western and Asian experienced business professionals with an important network of factories and allies that allow us to make your operations and projects smoothly. Skilled professionals in manufacturing OEM / ODM project development.

The experience of having worked in multinational companies give us the ability to understand your necessities and provide you a high quality services adaptable to the needs of your industry.


In 12 years of experiences we have been tracking the latest ideas and technology used for do the new products and our goal is to help you be ahead of your competition by marketing this new business opportunities; also we have created and developed new ideas and applications in different fields as Imported Food, Electronics, Gifts & Premium, Autoparts, Cosmetics, Safety & Security products and more.

In our markets, we are one of the most recognized companies in America for sourcing, supply chain consulting, and project management services for Asia Pacific.

GAMBE GROUP 是您业务的整体解决方案

在中国拥有进出口许可证的合法注册公司,在美国,南美和亚洲开展业务, 使我们能够更贴近您,为您的业务提供安全平台。

我们的团队由西方和亚洲经验丰富的商业专业人士组成,拥有重要的工厂和 盟友网络,使我们能够顺利地完成您的运营和项目。

制造 OEM / ODM 项目开发的熟练专业人员。

在跨国公司工作的经验使我们能够了解您的必需品,并为您提供适合您所在 行业需求的高质量服务。


在 12 年的经验中,我们一直在跟踪用于制造新产品的最新想法和技术,我们 的目标是通过营销这一新的商业机会帮助您领先于竞争对手;我们还在不同领 域创造和开发了新的想法和应用,如进口食品,电子产品,礼品和赠品,汽 车配件,化妆品,安全和安保产品等。